Ello :)

Ello was meaning to do this for a while now, not that anyone will read this probally but i had a spare moment and thought i would set one up. The main reason why i suppose would be that i have done LOADS of video and posters and design work over the last 10 years or so so i thought it would be nice to have a collection online with it all on, so i can look over it and feel like like justified my life in some fashion haha. Anyway i plan to keep it up to date with new work old work so watch this space i suppose i will be posting lots of stuff up, Oh and when i get a bit more time i will update the look of it and make it look (well try to) a bit more sexy.

On another note, i just finished watching the walking dead and managed to get hold of the original comics and have been reading them through, man they are so good, i don’t know what i would do if i had to wait every month to read a new one that would be mental i would be out of my mind, like having to wait a week for the next episode of the latest show i’m into. Saying that me and a mate just finished watching Breaking bad, SO. F’ING. GOOD. up there with some of my best shows, now i have to wait until, like, June or July or some shit for season 4, oh man. . . the wait. . . dark times. ok well, hang on i just thought if no one reads your blog is it like talking to yourself, on man, that what must be what happens when waiting for BB season 4


Ben x

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