01 the REASON – Script and Artwork

I thought it might be nice to add the script and artwork that supports each episode as i upload them, Enjoy


I did the right thing, I killed him. I thought it would all end, but instead, it just gave birth to the devils heart. The bullet incarcerated me within the bars of my DNA giving me a crash course in my genetic destiny. I tried to free us all from the burden, the commitment, the obligation, but I drew the short straw, and he got off lightly. I thought it would end, but I was back at the beginning, acting like the middle man. I was dying of thirst while drowning in the water that was restrained within me, held prisoner by it, enslaved to it. Now my reflection was just a code, a number, a dot in the big picture. I still had the nightmares of another life, killing and dying, every night, like clockwork. The answers didn’t matter any more, I see the blurry image of the truth, now I needed the focus, the clarity.

It all started awhile back, back when ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, but fun was a perception born of circumstance. Life was simple, I was living the dream, but dreams have a nasty way of turning into dark nightmares. I was returning home from my routine, my nine to five, I used to despise it, but you never know what you have, all good things and all that. Then there he was, the phoenix that had risen from his own ashes. He said the words that spawned my Labyrinth. “Who do you trust?”. His magic tag full of diabolical meanings, spreading the seeds of diseased questions from the flesh of fallen angels. He left before saying any more, before he had time to explain.

After that everything changed for me, the nightmares started, the dispositioning, the insanity. My life transformed into a waste land of right and wrong. The beginning was way out there at the end, and the middle was lost with me and my sanity, somewhere along the way to wicked innuendo. The real world was far from authentic to me any more. The world changed, or I changed, I saw things differently, the shades of grey turned into frighting colours from hell, the world was in flames. I witnessed my previous life crumble before my eyes, the world didn’t care, it ignored me with a cold brushed off dismissal, as it sped past on fast forward, continuing to lie to me.

One day, out of the blue, I got a knock at the door. He was back. The knocking was like a pulsing headache, and I was like a kid on their way to the dentist. Fighting the inevitable. Outside it was crying colour, so vivid to me now. It sounded like a chorus of voices emanating from a manic depressive choir. He left a single note, his calling card. He wanted to meet and I didn’t really have any other choice. But I should have tried to walk away, never met him. At least living with the horror then wouldn’t have been half as bad as it is now, but you know what they say, Curiosity killed the cat.


Ben x

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