Hello 🙂

Finally here’s the next, forth poster, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the original engine room. I’m very happy with this one, it came together quite fast and with good results, I feel. One of my favourites so far, and I love the deep reds.

I have nearly finished all Six posters but as I’ve been reviewing them I’ve tweaking them all so, as you may tell I’ve added a bit of paper texture and tweaked the reds. When I have posted the last star trek poster I will re-post all the finals up here, so you can see the complete set 🙂

Anyone interested in prints they are available in A1 or A2 (see separate post about the details) or email be at ben1232@ntlworld.com feedback always welcome. More to follow soon 🙂

On another note, I’m looking at getting my own domain to host all of hemisphere and the posters, more on this soon. thanks for dropping by 🙂



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  1. bensmind says:

    Thanks for the like 🙂 check out the other posters and more to follow soon 🙂 good luck on producing your 50 states 😉 looking good so far

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