My week with Marilyn


Just seen the film My week with Marilyn, it was ok, pretty good, but i don’t know much about her and her life. I didn’t know she was that physiologically scared, and for that it did give an insight. However this is what the film is, an insight, it is very aptly named because it only shows you a small window of her life and washes over any real detail of her. It’s like a taster to see if you want to know more and when i look at the film like that, it did pretty well.

If you are going to see this film wanted an in-depth breakdown of her life or even a piece as captivating as ‘the kings speech’, then you will be disappointed. If you go wanting a taster pop corn light movie then this is what is was.

The piece feels like it was trying to ‘light and airy’ and achieves this well, so it doesn’t feel like it tried to do something and failed or ended up being this way because of bad production, it feels it done what it set out to do, it hit the mark it was aiming for. I wasn’t bored but i wasn’t transfixed with any particular part either, but it has made me wanting to know more about her and why she was, the way she was, so, maybe it has done its job, left me wanting more.


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