03 the MEETING – Script and Artwork


Here is the next full script and Artwork for the series hemisphere, 03 – the meeting. Any feedback please feel free to contact me, comments are always welcome like usual, Enjoy and thanks for visiting 🙂


Chapter 03 – the MEETING

Everything once so foggy, a mystery, suddenly became transparent, so clear. Leading up to my current demise. I need to finish, I need to try and change things. My time to explain, to justify myself is running out. I need more sand for my hourglass, but no one is selling any. So,

Where was I? I vaguely remembered going to a warehouse, It was my only clue to my disposition. I had to go back. The night was as sinister as an old Mozart song, fuel for one crazy voice in my head that had stopped talking, just for another to start. The vividness of another reality was pushing me further over the edge, living in a moment, suspended in a droplet of cold sweat. Getting images and feelings like I was someone’s dream and they were my nightmare, we took it in turns to witness each other’s lives only having a small part of the puzzle each. Freezing winds like sandpaper and razors, created an invisible wall of an intense smell that made me gag. I’ve thought that before, everything was far too familiar. It was colder than a hit and run, Hell had frozen over. But what is worse, the flames of hell or knowing there’s a larger evil to freeze it over. My cells were trapped behind the bars that had a code, sealing their fate to my pre-written destiny. Why am I here? I had liked that question before, when it was innocent. Ignorance was bliss. Suddenly this place kicked into high gear, someone walked over my grave and I was about to meet the maker that walked on it. What occurred before will come to pass again, the water will fall as the world cries, but I’ll still be here, looking for answers. I was sure I was at the place, out on a limb, out in the middle of nowhere, out of my mind. He was here to fill his hourglass with spent time from my life’s design. I was ready for the diabolical truth, But he said, ‘I need your help’, I couldn’t even help myself, let alone him.

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