We went and watched Warhorse recently. I somehow missed all the hype for this film so in that respect I was lucky. I was quite impressed with it to be honest, I think because of the sheer fact that they made a film with the horse being the main protagonist, and it did hold its own. . .thumbs up, well done Mr. Horse 🙂 The story was solid generally enjoyable, but more enjoyable while watching with someone, I think if I was on my own watching it i would have not liked it as much. Defiantly a ‘couple film’ It did feel segmented like lots of little stories joined together, but I don’t think to the detriment of the film, I may have even helped it because if it had the same people around the horse for the whole movie it may have become too much.

Another element that I wasn’t expecting was that this film made me interested in World War 1 so i recently watched bird song on the i player, (but thats’ a different review) so in terms of evoking interest in the subject matter I suppose it worked 🙂


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2 thoughts on “WAR HORSE

  1. Mat says:

    Me and the missus watched this a couple of weeks ago, we both enjoyed it. Plus like you say my wife was asking loads of questions about ww1 afterwards. Luckily I know a fair bit about it 😉

  2. bensmind says:

    Awesome man i researched World War I after that too, love wiki lol, i recommend that 2 parter called ‘bird song’ that’s awesome it’s like a love story and then the main guy is in the trenches, me a Yeliz watched it and its very good, although i thought the trenches looked quite ‘clean’ to what they probably looked in real life! although good story 🙂

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