06 the PASSWORD – Script and Artwork


Here’s the Scripting and Artwork for Hemisphere chapter 06 the Password :) nearly half way through the series now and the story is definitely shaping up, Comments and feedback is always appreciated 🙂



chapter 06 -the PASSWORD

I sat gazing into the light of the screen as if it was the head lamps of the oncoming train, and I was the guinea pig, transfixed by the beam. The keys I pressed were worn, the letters were nearly faded off. The game of life looking like a ying and yang symbol, and i’m the dot contained within both halves. Everything needed an opposite, a pair, a male – female, a dream – nightmare, heaven – hell, conciousness – shells, the two worlds. Life needs the opposite to function and mother nature needed the balance. The clues were always there, but I’m only now connecting the dots. It only showed the words ‘CABLEOP’ nothing else, just another dead end, the guinea pig in a maze getting spoon fed answers and information, to keep wanting more. The inevitable took effect, my shell expired, well that’s what I thought at the time. I collapsed onto the keyboard.

No rest for the wicked. The other world had taken me, the surroundings were deafening as it screamed its pain into my face, to free it from its duty, its repetitive life cycle, enslaved behind bars. I was back at the terminal, staring into the abyss. How was I physically here if only my conciousness is supposed to shift? Why is the terminal on if I have only just got here? I never switched it on in this world. Blue fire was devouring my brains with the words ‘CABLEOP’, everything looked the same, just with a different halo, a different walk of life. I typed in the address again, I got the feeling that ‘me’ and ‘it’ were recognisable strangers, we both knew each other, but if asked, we had plausible deniability, we’re almost friends, or enemy’s, I forget now which to keep closer. I was nearing the point of no return, sinking deeper and deeper. It showed me that I crossed the line, the one I had everything riding on, I was in over my head. This was to be the count down to the last domino to fall that would set my destiny into play. This was the ‘need to know’ information and I had located it, standing on the edge of the presibus. I had gotten this far, now I needed to know. I typed in ‘CABLEOP’, and felt the last domino fall. Realisation hit me square in the face, the opposites, the key and the lock. The ideal place to hide information, the key on one world and the lock on the other, no shell could retain both parts. It was flashing my life before my eyes. It was going in, I was in fear of it, knowledge was power and power breeds fear.


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