07 the GUN – Script and Artwork

Hello 🙂

Here’s Chapter 07 the GUN artwork and full scripting 🙂

chapter 07 – the GUN

Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard

The information had eyes, glaring over my shoulder. The balance between opposites transcends nature and into technology, instead of the male and female, you have your ones and zeros, the binding of star matter, it’s all singing the same song. It confirms what the man told me, I wish I had been lied to. It was almost word for word to what the man said.

You must remember your memories on the other world, otherwise you would not be able to retain the password, it would be stored in another shell.

Events were unfolding like a fragmentation of still shots interwoven with in the broken night, as it riddled on…

You must be a product of living in both worlds without the ability to forget or comprehend, hence your nightmares, they’re you, when you’re on the other world. That makes you a separate entity, your conciousness cannot leave your body and therefore you do not share it with any other shell. When you were separated from this link, a shell on the other world died to even up the numbers, you are on your own rejected from life.

I was the blind leading the blind, going deeper into the dark dead forest of reality.

You physically shift between worlds, remembering everything, belonging to neither. More accurately, existing in a place accessible by both, the grey area.

The box was like a bad conscience that I couldn’t shake, the man said it would explain everything, but I assume he meant it would lead me to this realisation.

There is a stabilising element that balances the two worlds, this element controls the flux of events that takes place in both places, it creates a balance, that designs the outcome.

I felt another’s presence, glaring over my shoulder, monitoring me, in the shadows, being one step ahead of the game. Everything was there in front of me, I had to stick to my guns and bite the bullet to accept it. This now, was the beginning of the end, this is where my fate took over. He was back to claim my help, but with what? It didn’t seem like he wanted my help. He was here to alter the design, to put the guinea pig down. Now I was the one that needed the help.


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