08 the CHASE – Script and Artwork


Here’s the latest scripting and artwork for chapter 08 the CHASE 🙂 Comments are always welcome 🙂 enjoy


chapter 08 – the CHASE

Like a wall around me

I was getting backed into a corner. Everything in life was linking together, mystery’s that were an incoherent random mess became a series of intertwining logical answers, I bridged the gap. The rain sounded like static as nature complimented technology. Two large stones on each of the sides represents the worlds, The top shows the link between them, the swapping of conciousness, the balance. It’s made out of blue stone and positioned to form a giant circle, infinity, the loop. It’s now obvious to me that our ancestors knew about the binding balance of reality. The gun was pointed straight at me, I had no time to turn the terminal off. My mind blacked out, and instinct took over. All I remember is running, for the life of me I didn’t know where, I just ran through as many doorways, corridors and passageways that I could, hoping I would lose him, I heard a gun shot, but how did he miss? he was point blank, he would be my undoing. I wasn’t transfixed by the beam any more, I was on the train, getting taken for a ride, as it kept on track, running off the rails. I was running through the modern day Stonehenge, escaping reality at gunpoint. Everything was looking like the circle of life now, having the answers right in front of me, realising before I wasn’t asking the right questions. I held Pandora’s box tight as I ran, the only thing each of us had left, our own personal curse. I was to be the voice inside his head or the monkey on his back. When I passed through the light at the end of the tunnel, it transfixed me, gave me a baptism of fire. I reached the top of the warehouse, I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to go and there was no turning back. I was to be tested, and I had to commit or be committed. I was the man of his word. I was ready to end it, at the end of the road, at end of my tether. Something broke my fall, it obviously wasn’t my time, I’d been given a second chance, a new beginning, a re-birth. I looked around outside the warehouse, it was grim, desolate. I kept running for what seemed like eternity, through woodland, fields, across roads, everything. I found myself in the back garden of someone’s house, they were returning home. He looked straight at me, I had to say something. The only person that seemed to know what was happening had turned and was trying to shot me, I couldn’t trust anyone. It just came out like a reaction, I said what was at the forefront of my mind. “Who do you trust?”. The man didn’t say anything, he just walked inside. I had to get going, my demons would soon catch up with me.

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