How are we all today?, here’s the next poster ive produced. As you can probably tell, it’s iron man 🙂 yeah 🙂 its a bit of an update from the poster i produced a while ago but wanted to finish it off. This poster is available on etsy along with the star trek and dark tower series

here :

Right the next posters im going to be producing is. . FIREFLY 🙂 yeahh!! im going to do one of every character and one where there all together. I’m going to do them slightly differently. I’m going to focus on the character and a quote that sums up the personality. The background is going to be very mimilist and block colour. Still retainnig the ‘square’ style but departing from the split down the middle approach. Your be seeing them soon 🙂

Comments, questions, feedback and anything are always welcome 🙂

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2 thoughts on “IRON MAN – POSTER UPDATE

  1. Mat says:

    Frickin awesome as always!

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