I think im going to go imperial – need help – please :)

Hello 🙂

I have been thinking. . i know ive been told if i do this enough something may break inside, but here goes, I am thinking of changing my poster ratio sizes.

At the moment i am producing posters to (metric – ENGLISH) A3 sizes, but im getting a lot of feedback saying i should change to imperial sizing system because it is easier to frame them . . and it does make sense if someone in America wants to frame them.

Now my question is, whats the best poster size to use bearing in mind i can only print roughly A3, any help on this would be a massive help 🙂

I’m thinking paper size 11 x 17 inch with a .5 inch white border around the whole so actual image size would be 10 x 16 ? well see attached image

Many Thanks, oh and sorry for the boring blog post :/

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