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STAR WARS – Han Solo – redeveloped B&W series

Hello, I’m back to the continuation of smashing art into your face:) Today it’s Han Solo and Chewbacca blasting onto your screen, ok no more cheese. I thought about put these two together because. . well there a team! Let me know what you think and yes they are available in the usual place:)



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STAR WARS – Luke Skywalker – redeveloped B&W series


Next one, Luke Skywalker! wrap your eyeballs round this:) Let me know what you think and as always available in my Etsy store


STAR WARS - LUKE 17x11 v2

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Star wars posters

Hello right im having a major brain meltdown on the star wars black and white series posters. I’m just not happy with the collection. i think whats grinding my gears on it is the huge logo in the background, it’s like, derrrr yeah i know its star wars we don’t need it bigger than the f’ing character! so at the moment they are still available on my shop but only for a limited time only until they get redeveloped to be simpler, then they will never be available again, and don’t worry the coloured ones are coming soon as well.

Any comments on this are always welcome:)

Ben – (Mr meltdown atm)

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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Stormtrooper – 17×11 Poster


Whens the next poster coming Ben? next poster? do you realise how long these take to draw?. . . BOOM done it, i blinked and my brain created it, just like Charlie Sheen blinked and cured his brain.





Let know:)

Etsy store,  available,  it is:)



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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Darth Vader – 17×11 Poster


Another new poster:) Today its the famous Darth Vader:) let me know what you think:)

Available on my Etsy aswell :


STAR WARS - VADER 17x11 v1-01


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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Yoda – 17×11 Poster


New poster time!! today its YODA!! still in the black and white series, Im working on full colour posters as we speak! let me know what you think and as always its available on my Etsy store! here:

STAR WARS - YODA 17x11 v5



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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Luke Skywalker – 17×11 Poster

ARE YOU READY!!! new poster series starting. . . star wars.

This is going to run for a while because i’m going to do a lot of the characters.For starters i’m doing a light and dark series with are predominantly black and white with a ‘ping’ of colour. Then im going to do full colour ones after these with the same characters so you probably going to be hearing a lot of this for a while:)

First up in Luke:) with a ‘ping’ of blue from the light sabre, also featuring on the posters will be the midi-chlorian count. Keeping it stricking and bringing out luke and also merging with the logo. Let me know what you think:)

Avalible from my etsy shop here :



STAR WARS - LUKE 17x11 v1-01

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Spinal Tap – It goes to 11 – 17×11 Poster


New poster, ‘but this goes to 11. . . well its one louder’ classic. Let me know what you think, this however is not available through my Etsy shop for now because i din’t think there would be the interest in this but if you are then let me know and ill put it up there:)


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Prison Break – Crane – 17×11 Poster

Hello, another poster:)

Today its the little birdy crane that Micheal makes in prison break:) After i had the idea, this poster came together quite quick, but saying that i think it works well for the series, i like it:)

Let me know what you think:)

Available again on the Etsy shop here :


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