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Firefly – Serenity – All Characters poster

Hello 🙂

This is it! the full poster of all the firefly Characters – BOOM! I’m so happy with this poster, so glad how it came together, i was worried about trying to fit them all on not being too small and i wanted the ship on there as well, and i’m really happy with it 🙂

Let me know what you think and comments are always welcome 🙂

Available from my Etsy shop here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind

the next poster series of characters will be. . .STAR WARS 🙂



p.s. – ive just started playing borderlands 2 – BOOM 🙂

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Quick Thought

Just been reading the walking dead. . had an idea, how good would it be if someone made a game that was like borderlands, You have a MASSIVE map and there are small settlements all dotted around it with like walls or some shit keeping everyone in every settlement was sectioned off. Then all the land in between could be CAKED in zombies and you take on jobs. . much like borderlands where you have to go from settlement to settlement trying to survive, so a cross between borderlands and left for dead or something…just and idea. . probally not a good or original one haha

Ben x

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