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Hello again

This is the next in the Original Star Trek poster series I am producing, Chekov and Sulu. I placed these two characters together because, although, they are separate individuals i think it’s drummed into my psyche that they are quite often seen together and form part of a duo, I think this is from seeing them always together at the front of the bridge creating that iconic image.

Produced in the same colour range and palette as Kirk because of the uniforms. As i said before, when I have finished all 6 poster i will be tweeking the colours and maybe slight detail and checking if there are slight alterations I could do to improve them and make them ‘sit’ together more.

As always, Feedback is welcome :) and get in contact to or leave a message to let me know what you think or suggestions for more posters in this style. Prints are available as A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1 but please contact me on here or on ben1232@ntlworld.com

Hope you enjoy, more to follow soon



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Poster ONE – Star Trek

hi ya been trying to update my page a bit, frustrating, but getting there 🙂

Finished off a poster a started awhile ago i plan on doing a series of them for different TV and film characters. Well here’s the first, if you like them let me know. . if anyone reads this haha. First one is a Star Trek, because i thought i would start on something that the colours was very distinctive. I plan on doing an Iron Man, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Babylon 5, DS9, Space above and Beyond, Firefly, Battlestar. . but all in good time, these things take time, and i spend most of it FAFFING on here haha. Oh and yes they nearly all are Scifi, that’s because im a full blown geek.


Ben x

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