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Went to the cinema and saw Chronicle, it’s different from what I expected, for starters, I didn’t know it was all done through a camera. That made it little annoying at the time because it feels like a gimmick to make it feel more ‘real’.

Saying this it’s quite good in the beginning because when there using their powers to muck about its kind of what you would do if you suddenly had powers, but later on in the film it starts to take itself very seriously and then it gets a little too ‘funny story with a moral’ I think if they kept it in the same light as in the beginning and more light hearted it would have appealed to me more because I have seen a million times ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ angle before.

It feels like your having fun with mates seeing them muck around with powers and its quite fun seeing them realise what they can do, then at the studio someones walked in and said ‘ yeah its fun and’al but what’s the message, why are they here. .  where’s this film going people, it needs to go from A-B. . . make it happen’ so they got pressure to tag on a moral to the story. This element mixed in with the camcorder effect makes it hard watching at the end. Then by latching a serious part to the film makes you lose all empathy with the characters because it feels ‘forced’ i dint care if they all died at the end really. I’m no professional at reviewing films but that’s just how it feels. It was a good 30-40 minutes then its really starts to lose its way I feel, up to then its pretty good 🙂

Let me know what you think 🙂



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