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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Yoda – 17×11 Poster

Hello 🙂

New poster time!! today its YODA!! still in the black and white series, Im working on full colour posters as we speak! let me know what you think and as always its available on my Etsy store! here:


STAR WARS - YODA 17x11 v5



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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Luke Skywalker – 17×11 Poster

ARE YOU READY!!! new poster series starting. . . star wars.

This is going to run for a while because i’m going to do a lot of the characters.For starters i’m doing a light and dark series with are predominantly black and white with a ‘ping’ of colour. Then im going to do full colour ones after these with the same characters so you probably going to be hearing a lot of this for a while 🙂

First up in Luke 🙂 with a ‘ping’ of blue from the light sabre, also featuring on the posters will be the midi-chlorian count. Keeping it stricking and bringing out luke and also merging with the logo. Let me know what you think 🙂

Avalible from my etsy shop here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind


Ben 🙂

STAR WARS - LUKE 17x11 v1-01

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Dexter – Blood box – 17×11 Poster

Hello 🙂
Back with a few more posters, im doing a small series of minimalist posters that i can always come back to if i need to at a later date. First up is Dexter’s blood box, all hand drawn painstakingly!! haha Let me know what you think!

Available on the Esty shop here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind

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Hello, bit of a unique post this one 🙂

I have just received a very nice email from Chris who brought a couple of my posters through my Etsy. He has very very nicely sent me a photo of how they are looking framed and on the wall in his house 🙂 amazing 🙂 He also gave me the way he framed the posters so they fit into America sized photo frames, here is the spec below, and i will also be putting it onto my Etsy posts,

It was just $15 to get a mat cut and the poster mounted in the frame. And then I just used an off the shelf 16×20 frame. That might be helpful if you get any future questions about how to frame an A3.

Posters available here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind

Heres the photos 🙂

Thanks Chris 🙂

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How are we all today?, here’s the next poster ive produced. As you can probably tell, it’s iron man 🙂 yeah 🙂 its a bit of an update from the poster i produced a while ago but wanted to finish it off. This poster is available on etsy along with the star trek and dark tower series

here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind

Right the next posters im going to be producing is. . FIREFLY 🙂 yeahh!! im going to do one of every character and one where there all together. I’m going to do them slightly differently. I’m going to focus on the character and a quote that sums up the personality. The background is going to be very mimilist and block colour. Still retainnig the ‘square’ style but departing from the split down the middle approach. Your be seeing them soon 🙂

Comments, questions, feedback and anything are always welcome 🙂

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Ok so i have finished the full character poster for the star trek series. Let me know what you think 🙂

I have added all the previous characters below to put the full set together. These are available on etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind



star trek retro poster kirk original

star trek retro poster spock original


star trek retro poster sulu Chekov original

star trek retro poster Uhera original

star trek retro poster Scotty original

star trek retro poster bones mccoy original

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As promised here is the last poster in the Dark Tower series, the combination of all the characters in one poster. I have included elements from all the other posters in this one and added a few in (can you find Shardic :)) As always these are available on Etsy here http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind and comments are always welcome. The next poster up is going to be the Iron Man clean up i done a while ago and a full Star Trek Character poster, then im probally going to start a firefly series 🙂 come back soon more to come



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Hello 🙂

Finally the last in the character posters for The Dark Tower. This one is The Dark Tower – Susannah Dean of New York – Gunslinger – Part of the Ka-tet. It’s a bit more abstract than the Jake poster, trying to encompass more elements and themes from Susannah’s character. Let me know what you think, feedback always welcome 🙂

I’m also doing a poster where they are all together, more of a collective Ka-tet unit, so there is one more after this one 🙂 come back soon


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Updated sizes and prices on Etsy

I know, I Know, its annoying my posts about Etsy, but just thought i would say there’s new poster sizes (A3 – ish) and prices available now, here’s the low down:


Each poster is comes in a protective envelope, personally signed by me.
Just under A3 poster size – ( 285mm x 400mm ) ( Poster, Protective envelope, personally signed by me )

The print is of very high quality, it is printed in a print shop the company i work for uses to produce all their client prints (Business cards brochures and special finishes). It is on thick card (210gsm) and has a Matt finish to replicate the design

They have been designed by myself, and the series style (Half Colour split) is one i have been developing over a few years. and are only on sell here on Etsy. I have been a professional graphic designer for 8 years and love designing, So more work and poster illustration may follow soon depending on interest.

If you are buying from another country apart from the UK delivery time may take longer but with-in 24 days

Any other information please contact
ben1232 [!at] ntlworld.com

Many Thanks

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Hello 🙂

Here’s the next poster 🙂 The Dark Tower – Jake Chambers of New York – Gunslinger – Part of the Ka-tet. OK OK right I’ve had a bit of a debate inside my own head about this one. I know when Jake’s at the way station he doesn’t have OY with him, but if I’m drawing Jake i want him with OY and the most recognizable setting for Jake was the way station, so the posters more of a collage or collection of elements related to Jake. . . Yes i took artistic license, let me know what you think, Comments always welcome 🙂

On sell here



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