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13 the REPEAT – Script and Artwork

Hello, and without further ado here’s is the script and art for the chapter 13 the REPEAT! One day after the video! wow now thats fast, let me know what you think 🙂

Ben 🙂

Chapter 13 – the REPEAT

Out of the ualist fog that creeps over the moonlight. The light burns best on these hot summer nights. The sky runs thick with stifled colour. The dreamer is still dreaming. The dreamer is still dreaming.

I find a box to put my note, my log in. My explanation about the nature of exsistance and the two worlds, then he will hopefully realise why I need his help to balance them. I wrote on the side of the box the terminal address so he doesn’t have to take my word for it, and if I missed anything. My paranoia was catching up on me.

I went back to square one, for the meeting, to explain things, to give him the box. He took it all pretty well considering, I gave him the box, and I told him to sleep on it I didn’t need an decision straight away, but he did past out, I don’t blame him.

After that meeting I realised how blind I’d been, its all happening over again, but this time the student had became the teacher. He was to be my demise, he isn’t going to help me, he is going to kill me because he thinks I’m the unstablising element, I couldn’t let this happen, otherwise there would be no one left to do it, I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

What is your substance?, where art thou are you made? That millions of strange shadows on you tend. Since everyone have one shade, and you but one, can every shadow lend. Describe Adonis, and the counter feed is poorly imitated after you. On Helens cheek, all art of beauty set, and you ingratiation tires are painted new. Speak of the spring and foyson of the year, the one does shadow of your beauty show. The other as your beauty of appear, and you in every blessed shape we know. In all external grace you have some part, but you like none, none yield for constant heart.

As I point the gun, the meaning of my life crystallizes, this was not his time. I realise this now, and as it sinks in, so does a quiet calm, a peace of mind, a peace that I have not known for a long time, I rested in that peace. I purposely miss, there’s a bigger picture and now I see it.


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HEMISPHERE – chapter 13 – the REPEAT

Hello 🙂

Time for another installment of the HEMISPHERE series, the second to last episode the REPEAT. Sorry for the delay in posting this, but again let me know hwat you think and the full script and artwork will be following shortly 🙂

Thanks Ben

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12 the HELP – Script and Artwork

Hello again 🙂

Its been a while i know for the scripting and artwork for chapter 12, but without further ado, here it is 🙂

Let me know what you think, comments always welcome. Also on another note ive been pondering the idea of making this animation / series available to buy, if your interested let me know if not, i wont bother lol 🙂 im thinking of doing a small package with the artwork and 2 small size dvd’s in.


Ben 🙂


Chapter 12 – the HELP

I am the king of the world, I’m a bad man, I shook up the world, I shook up the world.

That’s my journey up to this point, I’ve written it down, logged all the facts about the worlds, it was my lead up to my current demise. I did this to explain myself, to alleviate my own guilt, hopefully to try and stop it happening to anyone else. So, no good deed goes unpunished, Now I’m the only one left to balance the shells, the dots, the blame fell directly on me. My actions were based on assumptions, that turned out to be wrong. I couldn’t monitor this, I didn’t know how he did it, everyone’s lives, every action all recorded on both worlds to monitor and maintain the balance. I couldn’t trust myself to do this right, but only I was entrusted to do it. I needed help, I needed to help myself. The only one that I could trust to help me, is the other man. He would now be separated from the balance like me. So I got my log that I wrote about the worlds, my note to change things, and I tore the corner off. I wrote ‘who do you trust’ so he knew it was me, and I set up a meeting. I was angry and in denial, with a load of pain, frustration and inadequacy thrown in for good measure. The age old question, “why me?”

Existing in a place accessible to both worlds has its advantages, I passed into his reality, knocked on his door and delivered the note. Well, misery loves company.


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HEMISPHERE – chapter 12 – the HELP

Hello 🙂
Right lets carry on with a bit of the animation Hemisphere. Next up it’s Chapter 12 – The HELP 🙂 Comments always welcome and let me know what you think

Ben 🙂

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11 the KILL – Script and Artwork


Here’s is the scripting and artwork for Chapter 11 – the KILL, its coming to the end now nearly at Chapter 14. 🙂

Feedback and Comments always welcome

Ben 🙂

Chapter 11 – the KILL

Are you listening to me? And I’m going to reveal something to you that possibly the public does not know. And I looked him right in the eye, and I said to him, you don’t need that any more. And he said that examined everyone of the bodies. This was not a mass suicide like the world was brainwashed into thinking. But when that coroner examined the bodies, there was a pin hole in 97% of all the bodies, they were injected with a poison. It was a mass murder, because men and women were following a man, and I’m going to let everyone of you that are here under this tent, you that is listening to this radio broadcast. My god, don’t follow a man

I navigated my way through the heart of square one, the reality of the situation was quite black and white now, I knew what I had to do. I was living in the world of technicalities, I was living in the grey, between one and the other, the loop hole, id fallen off the face of the planet, and I now needed to correct it. I was banished to the world beyond skin and was ready to be her son. His hour glass runs out of sand, He arrives, right on cue. I gave it my best shot and it found its way into his shoulder. I could here him mumbling, talking to himself on the ground, going delirious. we both took solace in this moment, our freedom. His last words thank-you, you have for-filled your obligation to help me. I done the right thing, I killed him. I thought it would all end, but instead, it gave birth to the devils heart. I delivered the bullet from its shell, and in doing so he escaped from his. Both stuck, trying desperately to escape and release their potential, this time the bullet was the key, and he was the lock. His shell collapsed to the ground and dropped something, I bent down to look. It was the note, he must have written it, he WAS the balance. He must actively stabilise the two worlds. He tried to shot me because he knew I would never kill him in cold blood so he needed to give me a motive, a reason. First he educated me on the worlds, then when I knew enough, force me to continue his work. That’s why he said thank-you. He had the note because he was going to give it to the other guy for the same reason, he was jarred out of reality now as well, and I’d just killed him. So my assumption of instability I set out to correct, I ended up creating. That note ticked the box to make it his suicide note. He was Atlas, and I was his new replacement, pulling the trigger was my job interview, and when I did, I became the balancer. The bullet was the key and he was the lock. I interfered, I pulled the trigger, and became the one that combined them, stabilising the two worlds. Without knowing it I was now doing his job, I’m not the lock or the key, instead I’m the one that changes the minor details, I’m now divine intervention.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 11 – the KILL


Here we are, chapter 11 the KILL probably one of the best of the series, the two guys fighting are actually both me 🙂 well let me know what you think comments and questions always welcome 🙂 Artwork to follow shortly 🙂

On another note more posters are to follow soon, i’m very unsure about the new firefly portrait series, let me know what you think and they are available here


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10 the NOTE – Script and Artwork

Hello, right here’s the next chapter of scripting and artwork 🙂 comments always welcome 🙂 this is my favorite piece of artwork 🙂

chapter 10 – the NOTE

Now is the time, now is the time, to rise from the dark and desolate valley, now is the time. For those who hope to end the long night of their captivity, that one day, be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, now is the time. We can not turn back, I have a dream, I have a dream, I have a dream.

All the events that had transpired came down to this note. The final sad song in an opera played by the deaf and watched by the blind. Although it felt as tacky as the song they latch onto Hollywood movies to make it a tear jerker. I was stuck in my corner of the world that had been swept under the rug. I had to see what the note said. Fighting my destiny was getting me no where, no matter what I did it played out. I might as well accept what’s in store for me now. The world watched me, making sure I ticked all the boxes. Lets see what the big picture looked like, where fear has brought me. Lets see where to put my last jigsaw piece, the last answer. Placebo, the box was a placebo. He knew I would wake up with the box, it was just a way of making me believe the nightmares were real, to take him seriously because I held it, it transcended the worlds. I thought it was that helping me retain the memories. That was an assumption, it was only a placebo. I justified it in my own mind and convinced myself. Then it gave me something to blame, I passed the buck, instead of looking at the facts, my assumption and optimism created a blind truth, the placebo effect. What happens on one world, happens on the other twelve months later, they are out of sink from each other. Just like setting all the clocks back one year, you would never know anything different if you were born into it. A symmetrical replication. Shells action’s on one world being the prototype, so twelve months later when it happens again on the other, minor details are changed to be less drastic, by the balance. A trial and error scenario, a close call. This balance is critical to the survival of existence. Now I’m banished to live in-between worlds, accessible by both, belonging to neither, I live in the grey area the messenger, between the opposites, between the red and blue, the ones and zeros, heaven and hell, I live outside of the balance my life is a loop hole. When you saw yourself from the other world it separated you from reality, this is why your conciousness can’t leave, it has nowhere to go, it jarred you from life, rejected you from everything. Now twelve months later you’ve just done the same when you were trying to escape, the cycles going to repeat, I’ve ruined the balance, it must be restored, but how? If I read the note at the beginning then I could have prevented bumping into myself, instead of assuming the box was the actual cause. I needed to restore the balance, maybe that’s why he needed my help to begin with, My very existence is detrimental to everything. I knew what I had to do, maybe it would be over soon. I had to eradicate the abnormalities, I’ll end up back in the gutter, but I’ll die content knowing I did the honourable thing. All three of us had to die, it was the only way to restore the natural order.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 10 – the NOTE


Here’s the next chapter in the Hemisphere series, chapter 10 the note 🙂

Let me know what you think, comments always welcome and full scripting and artwork to follow soon 🙂

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09 the ESCAPE – Script and Artwork

Hello, and as per usual the scripting and artwork for the next chapter 09 the escape. Now i know im not the best writer or film maker/animator but comments are always welcome, show me the love or hate 🙂

chapter 09 – the ESCAPE

I escaped to an attic of an abandoned house, finding only the most dismal corner of the world to sink back into. Back to the friend I called the gutter, where all the people with clear consciousness and honorable intentions ended up. We looked onto the people that live with success, live with the hidden pain, secrets, dirty lies and dark actions, the stamp of a guilty consciousness. I couldn’t make this box out, it was taken me for a cheap ride, but giving me no quick thrill. At least before the nightmares were incoherent, random, yeah it wasn’t much of a life, but at least it was mine, and wasn’t half as bad as a man trying to hunt you down and kill you for no reason. I wanted the best of both worlds, the less of two evils. Maybe he thought I knew too much now?, or that I didn’t fit into his grand scheme of things, either way I was different, a cog in the works, and he was the machine. I was still coming to grips with the concept of reality, the swapping of conciousness like car parts with what ever fits at the time to make it go, and life was just as cheap and insignificant. I would be the same as everyone else if I didn’t know, same as all the other sheep, but I was lost from the heard, getting picked off by the wolf. Flicking between shells like changing channels of different static, watching millions of people living through their nine to five. Every dot being someone’s life, thinking it was special and unique, but in reality they’re only just a variation on what has gone before, but a cheaper model. If anything I was worse, not happy with the established, the accepted, I was rocking the boat I was in. I didn’t want this any more, I wanted to find the herd. I wanted days out and use the word ‘nice’ to describe things. but the box was the key, and I was the lock, If I destroyed the box, then I would never know more, I didn’t want to know more. I would be quite blissfully unaware staying within my cells. I was mad before, but the box has justified my insanity, given it focus, I want to be normal, normal being the consensus, I wanted to be part of that. No more, no more of this, I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

I want to know how it will end. I want to be sure of what it will cost. I want to strangle the stars of all they have promised me. I want to keep you alive so there is always a possibility of murder, and I want, and I want.

I pasted out when I smashed the box, like a weight that had been lifted, off Atlas’s back.

The box was bullshit, I remembered everything of what had gone before. The box was nothing. I should have regressed back into the loop and not remember any of this, I shouldn’t remember smashing the box. I looked down to see the remains, there was something else there, a note, a folded up note contained within the box. This is what he must have meant when he said it would explain everything, the note is what he wanted me to find all along. The box must have just been a box, a cage for the truth. I thought that if I destroyed it, I would be normal, but destiny slammed me right where I was expected to be, the key turned, I was released from my cells into a world of more crime, I preferred when I was institutionalized. The static screamed, leading me blind down a path. There was nothing I could do now, I was locked in for the ride.

I got really afraid. My heart skipped a beat. I felt, I felt as so it already happened, and I was about to see it again.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 09 – the ESCAPE


Here’s the next chapter in the Hemisphere series, Chapter 09 the Escape. Nearly there now only a few chapters left and the story’s unraveling, Let me know what you think 🙂 Ben

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