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The Avengers –

Hiya ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok so i’m back and the next series is The Avengers. I wanted the focus on the characters and they are drawn in the same ‘cute’ style as the firefly ones I designed up a while ago. I wanted to do this because there is a lot of art produced where they are very serious and Iย wanted a softer side to them.ย Iย like the idea of the background ‘bleeding’ off the page with one large simplified city behind them. I wanted a soft yellow background like an old comic, and also I thought white was just too harsh.

Shown below let me know what you think

Ill be showing individual character posters after this, but thought Iย would open with this ๐Ÿ™‚

If you like it and want one of your own, click on the image or please go here:








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We recently saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was very good I was very impressed, it was really quite funny in places. I think i dint expect too much because I thought the storyline may be very flimsy because its just a bunch of old people going to a retirement home, but the story, I thought was quite solid.ย  It never felt like it dragged and had a good pace to the movie. It wasn’t too long and it was a perfect one to see with my wife, its a bit of a ‘popcorn’ movie but sometimes that’s really nice. Oh and the guy that runs the hotel is awesome in it, I think he was in Slum Dog.

From looking at some film critics online, like Guardian and some others, they seem to bash the movie. Now they probably know more than me, because their experts, but i really liked it, it was genuinely funny tackled some issues and appealed to a wide age range. The comments under most of the reviews seem to love the movie. . I don’t understand critics :/

If you want some easy watching, go for it. If you see it let me know what you think.



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Went to the cinema and saw Chronicle, it’s different from what I expected, for starters, I didn’t know it was all done through a camera. That made it little annoying at the time because it feels like a gimmick to make it feel more ‘real’.

Saying this it’s quite good in the beginning because when there using their powers to muck about its kind of what you would do if you suddenly had powers, but later on in the film it starts to take itself very seriously and then it gets a little too ‘funny story with a moral’ I think if they kept it in the same light as in the beginning and more light hearted it would have appealed to me more because I have seen a million times ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ angle before.

It feels like your having fun with mates seeing them muck around with powers and its quite fun seeing them realise what they can do, then at the studio someones walked in and said ‘ yeah its fun and’al but what’s the message, why are they here. .ย  where’s this film going people, it needs to go from A-B. . . make it happen’ so they got pressure to tag on a moral to the story. This element mixed in with the camcorder effect makes it hard watching at the end. Then by latching a serious part to the film makes you lose all empathy with the characters because it feels ‘forced’ i dint care if they all died at the end really. I’m no professional at reviewing films but that’s just how it feels. It was a good 30-40 minutes then its really starts to lose its way I feel, up to then its pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚



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We went and watched Warhorse recently. I somehow missed all the hype for this film so in that respect I was lucky. I was quite impressed with it to be honest, I think because of the sheer fact that they made a film with the horse being the main protagonist, and it did hold its own. . .thumbs up, well done Mr. Horse ๐Ÿ™‚ The story was solid generally enjoyable, but more enjoyable while watching with someone, I think if I was on my own watching it i would have not liked it as much. Defiantly a ‘couple film’ It did feel segmented like lots of little stories joined together, but I don’t think to the detriment of the film, I may have even helped it because if it had the same people around the horse for the whole movie it may have become too much.

Another element that I wasn’t expecting was that this film made me interested in World War 1 so i recently watched bird song on the i player, (but thats’ a different review) so in terms of evoking interest in the subject matter I suppose it worked ๐Ÿ™‚


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Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Just seen the the girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Solid movie, The reservation i have from saying this film is amazing is that I have seen the Swedish version. After seeing this version the Hollywood one doesn’t add anything. I was expecting the storyline to be very similar, but the budget to be higher and therefore bigger set pieces. Thinking about it there were no scenes that required a more elaborate set pieces, so I am left with the feeling that it was ‘quite long’. The direction was better and some of the scenes were more ‘polished’ but saying that the Swedish version had a more ‘gritty’ realness.

I personally liked the actors in the Swedish version over Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, but that’s my own personal preference.

If you haven’t seen the Swedish version then this is a treat, but if you have, and liked the Swedish version then I would say that the Hollywood one does not add anything.


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Hello, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the holidays we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes, new years eve and puss in boots, and here’s the low-down on those

Sherlock holmes – I fell asleep. . .and not on a quiet bit. . .on the part where massive guns were going off. I think some of the concepts that were defined in the first film were over played in this one, the end was a slight twist, but generally i was quite bored. I didn’t feel it brought anything new to the table, when I was expecting something different, especially with the main introduction of Moriarty. A little disappointed to be honest.

New Years Eve – Wasn’t expecting anything in anyway good about this film, but i think, because of this, it was watchable. The end presented a slight twist that was ok, and there were so many different people in it for it to be moderately interesting. It’s like they knew one storyline was not strong enough for a film so they put about 6-8 story lines, intertwined them a little, pack it with stars, slight twist on the end, BOOM you have your self a film. A pop corn movie, nothing more, watched around the time set (New Years) and its bearable.

Puss in boots – Nothing special, for the Shrek fans and animation buffs. I did get the impression someone thought it would be a good idea to make this film simply because it had a cat as the main protagonist, so they knew it would draw in cat / animal lovers. Story line moved at a satisfactory speed it got from A to B pretty fast and there are a few laughs, but never side splitters. Maybe designed for kids, and if so, fair enough and then the parent could be ok watching this film. If your wanting anything different, interesting or anything other and pure pop corn movie then avoid this one. Oh and i fell asleep again in this one aswell :/



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My week with Marilyn


Just seen the film My week with Marilyn, it was ok, pretty good, but i don’t know much about her and her life. I didn’t know she was that physiologically scared, and for that it did give an insight. However this is what the film is, an insight, it is very aptly named because it only shows you a small window of her life and washes over any real detail of her. It’s like a taster to see if you want to know more and when i look at the film like that, it did pretty well.

If you are going to see this film wanted an in-depth breakdown of her life or even a piece as captivating as ‘the kings speech’, then you will be disappointed. If you go wanting a taster pop corn light movie then this is what is was.

The piece feels like it was trying to ‘light and airy’ and achieves this well, so it doesn’t feel like it tried to do something and failed or ended up being this way because of bad production, it feels it done what it set out to do, it hit the mark it was aiming for. I wasn’t bored but i wasn’t transfixed with any particular part either, but it has made me wanting to know more about her and why she was, the way she was, so, maybe it has done its job, left me wanting more.


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Just seen the film 50/50. Don’t worry no spoilers but WOW, very impressed. I wanted to see this film and had a bit of expectation and it not only lived up to it but surpassed it as well, quite rare these days.

I think the main thing about the film is that it feels more ‘real’ than most, its doesn’t feel like a ‘concept’ they developed to get laughs or romantic set pieces, it flows more naturally together. Some of the laughs seem more funny because they have organically evolved from the situation, not from manipulation of the script to ‘get the laugh’ the seriousness of the piece feels genuine as well and so does the romantic element.

I was also very impressed with Seth Rogen’s role, he plays this very well, because i find him quite hit or miss in other titles. When i was at work i was talking to Graham and he said that this actually happened to Seth Rogen’s friends and he was playing the character with experience because it happened to him in real life.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was very impressive, he keeps this up and he will be one to watch.

Overall very very solid movie, and as i was saying to someone, the budget of this compared to something like Tin Tin and its negligible, but outshines it in almost every way. . .because of the storyline (well not effects, but whats the point in them without story!)


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Twilight – Breaking Dawn

Hello – dont worry no spoilers

So I’e just been to see Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 1. Got back to work and was talking to Graham ( http://headfuzzbygrimboid.wordpress.com/ ) we were talking about the film and if i liked it or not and he asked “have you seen the third? . . the third ones real good” so i replied “Yeah this was the third. . its pretty good” . . . . “er no ben this is the forth” oh man this is like star wars all over again, but this time it my fault i dint see them in order haha. OK so this is the running order of how ive seen the films

number 2

number 1

number 4

I watched number 3 yestoday. “Didn’t you know what was going on Ben?” i did wonder what was happening sometimes, but i followed it pretty well i thought haha, so take note if you HAVE seen 1,2 and NOT 3, then your still good to go.

Well, anyways fours pretty good, best one i would say. Three is good but it seems that Jacob flys off the handle every minute then says “oh sorry”ย  then goes mental again. How about try and win her heart instead of moaning at her. Anyways going off in a tangent again..umm ok umm review,


done ๐Ÿ™‚


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Immortals 3D


Just been to see Immortals 3D. It had a very ‘300’ feeling, but this is how it was advertised, so i suppose in that respect, it lived up to its expectation. If you liked 300, your like this film. . .if you like fighting. . . alot, then your like this film. the story line i thought held together just enough to continue the fighting and it was generally fast paced.

What i thought was very good about the film as the 3D element. Now i dont really rate 3D in anyway, but this film, surprisingly done it very well. Afterwards it felt not like i had seen a ‘3D’ film but more that the 3D element just enhanced the film. It did not feel like the produceers thought ‘its 3D so make eveything come at you out of the screen’ and actually more subtle and complemented the film better. Basically I dint have a headache afterwards from the 3D.

Not the greatest film review of all time, but just a quick overview.



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