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Two films reviewed today, first up Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was awesome 🙂 solid popcorn action fast paced story, good acting, serious, funny, well directed and never got boring. The storyline as good enough to keep the action together and the set pieces were all good and unique. The fight scenes were well thought out and kept it moving and even the really unbelievable action parts. . .you sort of believe, its done in a way that you don’t mind the ‘that would never happen’ parts because your gripped by it. Very impressed and after the last few movies i saw, this was a nice surprise. . .and wait for it, you won’t hear me saying this often, this FORTH film was the best one, in my opinion. If your up for a nice popcorn action film that is enjoyable whether at the cinema or at home, go for it.

The Artist. The Black and white, Silent movie. GIVE. THIS. MOVIE. AWARDS. Amazed, If i could get away with saying original, i would. everything about this film dripped with class the acting the direction. the cinema really did this film justice, seeing how the old black and white would have looked in the big screen. My biggest concern BEFORE i saw the movie was how they would tell a complicated story (the transition between silent movies to ‘talkies’) in the style of a silent movie, and how i would feel the emotions of the protagonist and how they would get across the depth of characters. They not only do this but achieve much more. A true feel of what the industry in that time, gripping storyline and characters packed with individualism. You just cant look away and at the end just astounded that they managed to say, explain and emote more that most films that have in colour, action and TALKING. The film shown in this way really makes the movie, and the fact that its a true story is amazing. There is so much to say about this film but i wont be forgetting this quickly. A concept film that truly says something new AND entertains is so rare these days that you need to see this film. . .In my option



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