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Just seen Haywire, its very ‘Bourne’ ( identity, supremacy, ultimatum ) but with a female as the lead role. I think this film will appeal to fans of ‘Bourne’ series but because this has been quite recent and very well produced, Haywire is up against strong competition from what has gone before in this genre, and to be honest doesn’t stand up very well against it. I think this is because it doesn’t really add anything new to the table, The fact that the lead is a woman doesn’t change it enough to make me think ‘oh ok this is a new take’ it makes me think more like its a gimmick. If this film was first then I would more than likely be singing its praises a bit more, but being so recent after the ‘Bourne’ series it works against the title. Storyline is pretty solid, like you would expect, government frame job she gets revenge but with no real new twist and to be honest I got a touch bored. In summery, see this film if you are a fan of this genre, stay away if you dislike this style or even think you have had your fill from ‘Bourne’

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