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HEMISPHERE – chapter 11 – the KILL


Here we are, chapter 11 the KILL probably one of the best of the series, the two guys fighting are actually both me πŸ™‚ well let me know what you think comments and questions always welcome πŸ™‚ Artwork to follow shortly πŸ™‚

On another note more posters are to follow soon, i’m very unsure about the new firefly portrait series, let me know what you think and they are available here


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10 the NOTE – Script and Artwork

Hello, right here’s the next chapter of scripting and artwork πŸ™‚ comments always welcome πŸ™‚ this is my favorite piece of artwork πŸ™‚

chapter 10 – the NOTE

Now is the time, now is the time, to rise from the dark and desolate valley, now is the time. For those who hope to end the long night of their captivity, that one day, be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, now is the time. We can not turn back, I have a dream, I have a dream, I have a dream.

All the events that had transpired came down to this note. The final sad song in an opera played by the deaf and watched by the blind. Although it felt as tacky as the song they latch onto Hollywood movies to make it a tear jerker. I was stuck in my corner of the world that had been swept under the rug. I had to see what the note said. Fighting my destiny was getting me no where, no matter what I did it played out. I might as well accept what’s in store for me now. The world watched me, making sure I ticked all the boxes. Lets see what the big picture looked like, where fear has brought me. Lets see where to put my last jigsaw piece, the last answer. Placebo, the box was a placebo. He knew I would wake up with the box, it was just a way of making me believe the nightmares were real, to take him seriously because I held it, it transcended the worlds. I thought it was that helping me retain the memories. That was an assumption, it was only a placebo. I justified it in my own mind and convinced myself. Then it gave me something to blame, I passed the buck, instead of looking at the facts, my assumption and optimism created a blind truth, the placebo effect. What happens on one world, happens on the other twelve months later, they are out of sink from each other. Just like setting all the clocks back one year, you would never know anything different if you were born into it. A symmetrical replication. Shells action’s on one world being the prototype, so twelve months later when it happens again on the other, minor details are changed to be less drastic, by the balance. A trial and error scenario, a close call. This balance is critical to the survival of existence. Now I’m banished to live in-between worlds, accessible by both, belonging to neither, I live in the grey area the messenger, between the opposites, between the red and blue, the ones and zeros, heaven and hell, I live outside of the balance my life is a loop hole. When you saw yourself from the other world it separated you from reality, this is why your conciousness can’t leave, it has nowhere to go, it jarred you from life, rejected you from everything. Now twelve months later you’ve just done the same when you were trying to escape, the cycles going to repeat, I’ve ruined the balance, it must be restored, but how? If I read the note at the beginning then I could have prevented bumping into myself, instead of assuming the box was the actual cause. I needed to restore the balance, maybe that’s why he needed my help to begin with, My very existence is detrimental to everything. I knew what I had to do, maybe it would be over soon. I had to eradicate the abnormalities, I’ll end up back in the gutter, but I’ll die content knowing I did the honourable thing. All three of us had to die, it was the only way to restore the natural order.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 10 – the NOTE


Here’s the next chapter in the Hemisphere series, chapter 10 the note πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think, comments always welcome and full scripting and artwork to follow soon πŸ™‚

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09 the ESCAPE – Script and Artwork

Hello, and as per usual the scripting and artwork for the next chapter 09 the escape. Now i know im not the best writer or film maker/animator but comments are always welcome, show me the love or hate πŸ™‚

chapter 09 – the ESCAPE

I escaped to an attic of an abandoned house, finding only the most dismal corner of the world to sink back into. Back to the friend I called the gutter, where all the people with clear consciousness and honorable intentions ended up. We looked onto the people that live with success, live with the hidden pain, secrets, dirty lies and dark actions, the stamp of a guilty consciousness. I couldn’t make this box out, it was taken me for a cheap ride, but giving me no quick thrill. At least before the nightmares were incoherent, random, yeah it wasn’t much of a life, but at least it was mine, and wasn’t half as bad as a man trying to hunt you down and kill you for no reason. I wanted the best of both worlds, the less of two evils. Maybe he thought I knew too much now?, or that I didn’t fit into his grand scheme of things, either way I was different, a cog in the works, and he was the machine. I was still coming to grips with the concept of reality, the swapping of conciousness like car parts with what ever fits at the time to make it go, and life was just as cheap and insignificant. I would be the same as everyone else if I didn’t know, same as all the other sheep, but I was lost from the heard, getting picked off by the wolf. Flicking between shells like changing channels of different static, watching millions of people living through their nine to five. Every dot being someone’s life, thinking it was special and unique, but in reality they’re only just a variation on what has gone before, but a cheaper model. If anything I was worse, not happy with the established, the accepted, I was rocking the boat I was in. I didn’t want this any more, I wanted to find the herd. I wanted days out and use the word ‘nice’ to describe things. but the box was the key, and I was the lock, If I destroyed the box, then I would never know more, I didn’t want to know more. I would be quite blissfully unaware staying within my cells. I was mad before, but the box has justified my insanity, given it focus, I want to be normal, normal being the consensus, I wanted to be part of that. No more, no more of this, I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

I want to know how it will end. I want to be sure of what it will cost. I want to strangle the stars of all they have promised me. I want to keep you alive so there is always a possibility of murder, and I want, and I want.

I pasted out when I smashed the box, like a weight that had been lifted, off Atlas’s back.

The box was bullshit, I remembered everything of what had gone before. The box was nothing. I should have regressed back into the loop and not remember any of this, I shouldn’t remember smashing the box. I looked down to see the remains, there was something else there, a note, a folded up note contained within the box. This is what he must have meant when he said it would explain everything, the note is what he wanted me to find all along. The box must have just been a box, a cage for the truth. I thought that if I destroyed it, I would be normal, but destiny slammed me right where I was expected to be, the key turned, I was released from my cells into a world of more crime, I preferred when I was institutionalized. The static screamed, leading me blind down a path. There was nothing I could do now, I was locked in for the ride.

I got really afraid. My heart skipped a beat. I felt, I felt as so it already happened, and I was about to see it again.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 09 – the ESCAPE


Here’s the next chapter in the Hemisphere series, Chapter 09 the Escape. Nearly there now only a few chapters left and the story’s unraveling, Let me know what you think πŸ™‚ Ben

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08 the CHASE – Script and Artwork


Here’s the latest scripting and artwork for chapter 08 the CHASE πŸ™‚ Comments are always welcome πŸ™‚ enjoy


chapter 08 – the CHASE

Like a wall around me

I was getting backed into a corner. Everything in life was linking together, mystery’s that were an incoherent random mess became a series of intertwining logical answers, I bridged the gap. The rain sounded like static as nature complimented technology. Two large stones on each of the sides represents the worlds, The top shows the link between them, the swapping of conciousness, the balance. It’s made out of blue stone and positioned to form a giant circle, infinity, the loop. It’s now obvious to me that our ancestors knew about the binding balance of reality. The gun was pointed straight at me, I had no time to turn the terminal off. My mind blacked out, and instinct took over. All I remember is running, for the life of me I didn’t know where, I just ran through as many doorways, corridors and passageways that I could, hoping I would lose him, I heard a gun shot, but how did he miss? he was point blank, he would be my undoing. I wasn’t transfixed by the beam any more, I was on the train, getting taken for a ride, as it kept on track, running off the rails. I was running through the modern day Stonehenge, escaping reality at gunpoint. Everything was looking like the circle of life now, having the answers right in front of me, realising before I wasn’t asking the right questions. I held Pandora’s box tight as I ran, the only thing each of us had left, our own personal curse. I was to be the voice inside his head or the monkey on his back. When I passed through the light at the end of the tunnel, it transfixed me, gave me a baptism of fire. I reached the top of the warehouse, I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to go and there was no turning back. I was to be tested, and I had to commit or be committed. I was the man of his word. I was ready to end it, at the end of the road, at end of my tether. Something broke my fall, it obviously wasn’t my time, I’d been given a second chance, a new beginning, a re-birth. I looked around outside the warehouse, it was grim, desolate. I kept running for what seemed like eternity, through woodland, fields, across roads, everything. I found myself in the back garden of someone’s house, they were returning home. He looked straight at me, I had to say something. The only person that seemed to know what was happening had turned and was trying to shot me, I couldn’t trust anyone. It just came out like a reaction, I said what was at the forefront of my mind. “Who do you trust?”. The man didn’t say anything, he just walked inside. I had to get going, my demons would soon catch up with me.

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 08 – the CHASE


Ok its been a while since my last post i’ve been slacking, i know i know. The reason is because i was on holiday and sorting my Etsy shop out, making sure that the ordered prints are of the highest quality, making sure the packaging was special and the unique stamp on the back was cool, little things like that but they all add up. Now im set up and ready πŸ™‚


Right then, here is the next chapter in the hemisphere series, Chapter 08 the chase. This chapter is MASSIVELY important with how and why the story unfold out the way it does, careful watching of the end and i wont give too much away but see if it rings any bells πŸ™‚ Comments always welcome as usual and any likes


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07 the GUN – Script and Artwork

Hello πŸ™‚

Here’s Chapter 07 the GUN artwork and full scripting πŸ™‚

chapter 07 – the GUN

Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard

The information had eyes, glaring over my shoulder. The balance between opposites transcends nature and into technology, instead of the male and female, you have your ones and zeros, the binding of star matter, it’s all singing the same song. It confirms what the man told me, I wish I had been lied to. It was almost word for word to what the man said.

You must remember your memories on the other world, otherwise you would not be able to retain the password, it would be stored in another shell.

Events were unfolding like a fragmentation of still shots interwoven with in the broken night, as it riddled on…

You must be a product of living in both worlds without the ability to forget or comprehend, hence your nightmares, they’re you, when you’re on the other world. That makes you a separate entity, your conciousness cannot leave your body and therefore you do not share it with any other shell. When you were separated from this link, a shell on the other world died to even up the numbers, you are on your own rejected from life.

I was the blind leading the blind, going deeper into the dark dead forest of reality.

You physically shift between worlds, remembering everything, belonging to neither. More accurately, existing in a place accessible by both, the grey area.

The box was like a bad conscience that I couldn’t shake, the man said it would explain everything, but I assume he meant it would lead me to this realisation.

There is a stabilising element that balances the two worlds, this element controls the flux of events that takes place in both places, it creates a balance, that designs the outcome.

I felt another’s presence, glaring over my shoulder, monitoring me, in the shadows, being one step ahead of the game. Everything was there in front of me, I had to stick to my guns and bite the bullet to accept it. This now, was the beginning of the end, this is where my fate took over. He was back to claim my help, but with what? It didn’t seem like he wanted my help. He was here to alter the design, to put the guinea pig down. Now I was the one that needed the help.


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HEMISPHERE – chapter 07 – the GUN


The half way mark πŸ™‚ yeah wooo. The end of this chapter the ‘stuff’ is about to hit the fan ‘large’ time. Let me know what you think Comments always welcome Artwork and Script follow soon πŸ™‚


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