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Hello 🙂

Just seen the the girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Solid movie, The reservation i have from saying this film is amazing is that I have seen the Swedish version. After seeing this version the Hollywood one doesn’t add anything. I was expecting the storyline to be very similar, but the budget to be higher and therefore bigger set pieces. Thinking about it there were no scenes that required a more elaborate set pieces, so I am left with the feeling that it was ‘quite long’. The direction was better and some of the scenes were more ‘polished’ but saying that the Swedish version had a more ‘gritty’ realness.

I personally liked the actors in the Swedish version over Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, but that’s my own personal preference.

If you haven’t seen the Swedish version then this is a treat, but if you have, and liked the Swedish version then I would say that the Hollywood one does not add anything.


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