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Hello 🙂

Here’s the next poster 🙂 The Dark Tower – Jake Chambers of New York – Gunslinger – Part of the Ka-tet. OK OK right I’ve had a bit of a debate inside my own head about this one. I know when Jake’s at the way station he doesn’t have OY with him, but if I’m drawing Jake i want him with OY and the most recognizable setting for Jake was the way station, so the posters more of a collage or collection of elements related to Jake. . . Yes i took artistic license, let me know what you think, Comments always welcome 🙂

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Hello 🙂

After some time here is the next poster, in The Dark Tower series – Eddie Dean of New York – Gunslinger – Part of the Ka-tet. last week or so I have been so busy I haven’t really had time to work on many posters but I have managed to finish this one off 🙂 very happy with this one featuring Blaine the Mono. There was a bit of debate on how to represent Blaine because on the book cover hes a steam train and in the book hes a monorail, so what I have tried to do is incorporate elements of both, but generally try and just get the ‘feel’ off the character over. Ive also tried to represent Eddie’s playful manor from the books as well because i think that is the essence of the charterer. I’m very very happy with this poster and the way it turned out the colour split worked beautiful in this and generally satisfied in the final version. Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for visiting and your comments and ‘likes’ are always welcome and very much appreciated and come back soon 🙂 Jakes up next


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