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Hello, and another poster 🙂

This time it’s Firefly’s Derrial Book the Shepherd played by Ron Glass. I always felt like they could have fleshed out his character in the next few seasons. I was very much looking forward to finding out how he managed to show is identity card to the alliance to get them off Serenity. See my little theory is that he used to be like the bad guy in the Serenity film and that’s what he used to do and now he opted out of that life maybe something like that. Anyway the quote i used for this was the best one that kinda summed up his position. So let me know what you think 🙂

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On another note thanks for the mention on fuck yeah joss whedon blog here http://fuckyeahjosswhedon.tumblr.com/ thanks for the likes 🙂

YES – im joining the dark side and going imperial measurements so soon you will be able to get ALL my posters in American 17×11 sizing for easy framing 🙂 WOO-HOO i hear everyone shouting.

Ben 🙂

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