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Hello, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

Over the holidays we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes, new years eve and puss in boots, and here’s the low-down on those

Sherlock holmes – I fell asleep. . .and not on a quiet bit. . .on the part where massive guns were going off. I think some of the concepts that were defined in the first film were over played in this one, the end was a slight twist, but generally i was quite bored. I didn’t feel it brought anything new to the table, when I was expecting something different, especially with the main introduction of Moriarty. A little disappointed to be honest.

New Years Eve – Wasn’t expecting anything in anyway good about this film, but i think, because of this, it was watchable. The end presented a slight twist that was ok, and there were so many different people in it for it to be moderately interesting. It’s like they knew one storyline was not strong enough for a film so they put about 6-8 story lines, intertwined them a little, pack it with stars, slight twist on the end, BOOM you have your self a film. A pop corn movie, nothing more, watched around the time set (New Years) and its bearable.

Puss in boots – Nothing special, for the Shrek fans and animation buffs. I did get the impression someone thought it would be a good idea to make this film simply because it had a cat as the main protagonist, so they knew it would draw in cat / animal lovers. Story line moved at a satisfactory speed it got from A to B pretty fast and there are a few laughs, but never side splitters. Maybe designed for kids, and if so, fair enough and then the parent could be ok watching this film. If your wanting anything different, interesting or anything other and pure pop corn movie then avoid this one. Oh and i fell asleep again in this one aswell :/



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