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Hello 🙂

After a few months and hard work here is the last of the Star Trek Poster series, Number Six – Uhura. One of my favorites because of the intricate computer paneling, i think i got the crimson reds quite deep aswell. I will be posting them all in one post to show the whole range soon, because i’ve tweaked some of the colours and vectoring (very slightly) also i have the initial posters I produced on the textured background. As per usual feedback is welcome or emails at ben1232@ntlworld.com

The next poster series is Stephen Kings – The Dark Tower, Roland, Eddie, Jake and Susannah. These will be up soon 🙂 The next chapter in Hemisphere will be along soon as well, much to look forward to in the coming year 🙂

Thanks for visiting, enjoy and come again soon 🙂


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Poster ONE – Star Trek

hi ya been trying to update my page a bit, frustrating, but getting there 🙂

Finished off a poster a started awhile ago i plan on doing a series of them for different TV and film characters. Well here’s the first, if you like them let me know. . if anyone reads this haha. First one is a Star Trek, because i thought i would start on something that the colours was very distinctive. I plan on doing an Iron Man, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Babylon 5, DS9, Space above and Beyond, Firefly, Battlestar. . but all in good time, these things take time, and i spend most of it FAFFING on here haha. Oh and yes they nearly all are Scifi, that’s because im a full blown geek.


Ben x

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