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Just seen Wanderlust with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. I thought it was very mediocre and slightly amazed this film even got made.  There are some nice parts in the film which is mainly at the pay off at the end when everything returns back to normal. There are parts (I remember one) I laughed out loud but not an overly funny film, although lots of times inside i would think (ha ha) and that’s the only reason i wasn’t overly bored probally. Not a cinema film, barely a DVD film. The storyline was massively over the top, and this is coming from a sci-fi fan!. Although I wasn’t bored, but i didn’t care for the characters, I came out thinking ‘ oh ok, yeah, irrelevant film, didn’t offend, very harmless’ Very forgettable. The is film is soon bland nothing really stood out for me, Its saving grace would probably be its a very bland, non-offensive date night film.  If anyone else has seen it let me know what you think 🙂



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