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Star Wars – Light and Dark Series – Luke Skywalker – 17×11 Poster

ARE YOU READY!!! new poster series starting. . . star wars.

This is going to run for a while because i’m going to do a lot of the characters.For starters i’m doing a light and dark series with are predominantly black and white with a ‘ping’ of colour. Then im going to do full colour ones after these with the same characters so you probably going to be hearing a lot of this for a while 🙂

First up in Luke 🙂 with a ‘ping’ of blue from the light sabre, also featuring on the posters will be the midi-chlorian count. Keeping it stricking and bringing out luke and also merging with the logo. Let me know what you think 🙂

Avalible from my etsy shop here :


Ben 🙂

STAR WARS - LUKE 17x11 v1-01

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Spinal Tap – It goes to 11 – 17×11 Poster


New poster, ‘but this goes to 11. . . well its one louder’ classic. Let me know what you think, this however is not available through my Etsy shop for now because i din’t think there would be the interest in this but if you are then let me know and ill put it up there 🙂


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13 the REPEAT – Script and Artwork

Hello, and without further ado here’s is the script and art for the chapter 13 the REPEAT! One day after the video! wow now thats fast, let me know what you think 🙂

Ben 🙂

Chapter 13 – the REPEAT

Out of the ualist fog that creeps over the moonlight. The light burns best on these hot summer nights. The sky runs thick with stifled colour. The dreamer is still dreaming. The dreamer is still dreaming.

I find a box to put my note, my log in. My explanation about the nature of exsistance and the two worlds, then he will hopefully realise why I need his help to balance them. I wrote on the side of the box the terminal address so he doesn’t have to take my word for it, and if I missed anything. My paranoia was catching up on me.

I went back to square one, for the meeting, to explain things, to give him the box. He took it all pretty well considering, I gave him the box, and I told him to sleep on it I didn’t need an decision straight away, but he did past out, I don’t blame him.

After that meeting I realised how blind I’d been, its all happening over again, but this time the student had became the teacher. He was to be my demise, he isn’t going to help me, he is going to kill me because he thinks I’m the unstablising element, I couldn’t let this happen, otherwise there would be no one left to do it, I’ve done it once, I can do it again.

What is your substance?, where art thou are you made? That millions of strange shadows on you tend. Since everyone have one shade, and you but one, can every shadow lend. Describe Adonis, and the counter feed is poorly imitated after you. On Helens cheek, all art of beauty set, and you ingratiation tires are painted new. Speak of the spring and foyson of the year, the one does shadow of your beauty show. The other as your beauty of appear, and you in every blessed shape we know. In all external grace you have some part, but you like none, none yield for constant heart.

As I point the gun, the meaning of my life crystallizes, this was not his time. I realise this now, and as it sinks in, so does a quiet calm, a peace of mind, a peace that I have not known for a long time, I rested in that peace. I purposely miss, there’s a bigger picture and now I see it.


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HEMISPHERE – chapter 13 – the REPEAT

Hello 🙂

Time for another installment of the HEMISPHERE series, the second to last episode the REPEAT. Sorry for the delay in posting this, but again let me know hwat you think and the full script and artwork will be following shortly 🙂

Thanks Ben

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Prison Break – Crane – 17×11 Poster

Hello, another poster 🙂

Today its the little birdy crane that Micheal makes in prison break 🙂 After i had the idea, this poster came together quite quick, but saying that i think it works well for the series, i like it 🙂

Let me know what you think 🙂

Available again on the Etsy shop here :

Ben 🙂

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Dexter – Blood box – 17×11 Poster

Hello 🙂
Back with a few more posters, im doing a small series of minimalist posters that i can always come back to if i need to at a later date. First up is Dexter’s blood box, all hand drawn painstakingly!! haha Let me know what you think!

Available on the Esty shop here :

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