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Hello 🙂

Finally here’s the next, forth poster, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the original engine room. I’m very happy with this one, it came together quite fast and with good results, I feel. One of my favourites so far, and I love the deep reds.

I have nearly finished all Six posters but as I’ve been reviewing them I’ve tweaking them all so, as you may tell I’ve added a bit of paper texture and tweaked the reds. When I have posted the last star trek poster I will re-post all the finals up here, so you can see the complete set 🙂

Anyone interested in prints they are available in A1 or A2 (see separate post about the details) or email be at feedback always welcome. More to follow soon 🙂

On another note, I’m looking at getting my own domain to host all of hemisphere and the posters, more on this soon. thanks for dropping by 🙂



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Ive been spending a bit of time trying to sort out a pricing structure if anyone wants to buy these posters, (It just makes it easier if anyone was interested instead of just ‘contacting me’ you have an idea of how much) and this is where i’m at

Each poster is comes in a protective tube, individually and manually dated, signed and numbered by me.

A1 poster size – ( 594 x 840 ) ( Poster, Protective tubing, individually and manually dated, signed and numbered by me ) – £25

A2 poster size – ( 420 x 594 ) ( Poster, Protective tubing, individually and manually dated, signed and numbered by me ) – £18

I will number the posters as i send them so i will continue to count up as i send them, you can email be if you want to know what numbers are available

They are dated from the time sent

I can do discounts depending on how many are brought at the same time, you will have to contact me we can arrange something

Any other information please contact

Hope this clears some of the pricing up,  Thanks

Ben 🙂

p.s. sorry for the boring blog post

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Twilight – Breaking Dawn

Hello – dont worry no spoilers

So I’e just been to see Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 1. Got back to work and was talking to Graham ( ) we were talking about the film and if i liked it or not and he asked “have you seen the third? . . the third ones real good” so i replied “Yeah this was the third. . its pretty good” . . . . “er no ben this is the forth” oh man this is like star wars all over again, but this time it my fault i dint see them in order haha. OK so this is the running order of how ive seen the films

number 2

number 1

number 4

I watched number 3 yestoday. “Didn’t you know what was going on Ben?” i did wonder what was happening sometimes, but i followed it pretty well i thought haha, so take note if you HAVE seen 1,2 and NOT 3, then your still good to go.

Well, anyways fours pretty good, best one i would say. Three is good but it seems that Jacob flys off the handle every minute then says “oh sorry”  then goes mental again. How about try and win her heart instead of moaning at her. Anyways going off in a tangent again..umm ok umm review,


done 🙂


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HEMISPHERE – chapter 03 – the MEETING

Hello again 🙂

Well here it is, the next installment of Hemisphere 🙂 chapter 3 the meeting. So hes got the note and been to the warehouse to meet the man but gets stood up, or did he get the place or time wrong? or are there other things at play?. He wakes and everything feels different, maybe other things have changed. Find out whether he finally meets ‘the man’ if there’s a showdown and generally get some answers about his disposition.

The artwork and FULL scripting, like usual will follow shortly. Enjoy and feedback’s always welcome 🙂


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Hello again

This is the next in the Original Star Trek poster series I am producing, Chekov and Sulu. I placed these two characters together because, although, they are separate individuals i think it’s drummed into my psyche that they are quite often seen together and form part of a duo, I think this is from seeing them always together at the front of the bridge creating that iconic image.

Produced in the same colour range and palette as Kirk because of the uniforms. As i said before, when I have finished all 6 poster i will be tweeking the colours and maybe slight detail and checking if there are slight alterations I could do to improve them and make them ‘sit’ together more.

As always, Feedback is welcome :) and get in contact to or leave a message to let me know what you think or suggestions for more posters in this style. Prints are available as A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1 but please contact me on here or on

Hope you enjoy, more to follow soon



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Immortals 3D


Just been to see Immortals 3D. It had a very ‘300’ feeling, but this is how it was advertised, so i suppose in that respect, it lived up to its expectation. If you liked 300, your like this film. . .if you like fighting. . . alot, then your like this film. the story line i thought held together just enough to continue the fighting and it was generally fast paced.

What i thought was very good about the film as the 3D element. Now i dont really rate 3D in anyway, but this film, surprisingly done it very well. Afterwards it felt not like i had seen a ‘3D’ film but more that the 3D element just enhanced the film. It did not feel like the produceers thought ‘its 3D so make eveything come at you out of the screen’ and actually more subtle and complemented the film better. Basically I dint have a headache afterwards from the 3D.

Not the greatest film review of all time, but just a quick overview.



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02 the WAREHOUSE – Script and Artwork


While i’m finishing off the posters, i thought it would be a good idea to upload the next chapter in the HEMISPHERE series script and artwork. Here they are enjoy 🙂 The video can be seen further down the page. Chapter 03 to follow shortly, if you like how things are shaping up or you want to say anything please email or leave a comment, feedback is always welcome, thanks for visiting 🙂


Chapter 02 – the WAREHOUSE

Peoples lives were just dots, all various shades, but all basically the same, manifested within an accepted template design. Then there’s the go between, holding a fragile disguise, turning a blind eye, balancing them. Like moths getting attracted to the light radiating from the flames of hell. I don’t know about angels but its fear that yields power. I got the note what seemed like a lifetime ago. It nurtured hope in a mind riddled with chaos. Clutching onto the belief that he must hold the answers to my jarred disposition, only he could see the bigger and better picture for me. I shouldn’t have met him, I couldn’t monitor this. Everybody wanted everything, the line had to be drawn. Little did I know it was to be my chalk out-line.

The rain streamed down like tears, millions of lives suspended within droplets trying to escape, only to explode on the ground, the water, the getaway driver lied to them. The world watched me, followed me, like a CCTV camera you instantly feel guilty. The warehouse being a blood clotted heart, embodying square one. If fear did relinquish power then I felt like Atlas, holding the world up. The scent was of death, the forgotten refuge of lives who had all the walk, but none of the talk, a blank suicide note. Freezing winds like sandpaper and razors, created an invisible wall of an intense smell that made me gag. This place was in my nightmares. I was like a train, on a schedule, running on a one track mind day by day. He didn’t show up. I was confused at the time, but it’s logical now, shows perception changes everything, nothing was ever that black or white. A piece of me died that day, the piece that held the hope for a bigger and better picture, and a man with no hope is a broken man. On the way home, I realised I had been lied to again. Provided hollow promises by the person that now fell sharply from their pedestal. Rage shearing its way through me, I was embracing it, embodied by the pain letting it infest and consume me. I was on my own, living a life of horror, but now I was fuelled by it. I collapsed, exhausted. The dread of the waking nightmare had kept me awake too long. I begged not to wake up.

Just when you think you have seen it all, you awaken, and have your eyes opened. where was I?

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