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24 poster


So next up is the 24 poster. This one took quite a while to do, the amount of faces I wanted to put in was a chuck of drawing time. I wanted it to look like when the screen cuts between advert breaks when it separates into segments.

3 different colours again If you like then just click on the image or go here:×11-poster?ref=shop_home_active_30

Ben :il_fullxfull.638743484_lvts.jpg



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Banshee poster


Next up is the Banshee. Produced this poster a while ago. . . maybe a year. BUT the show is back on 🙂 This is one of my favourites, composition wise with the white bleeding though the poster. Really planned the structure on this one and I think because of it everything worked out quite well, I liked the highlights on the shirt as well. So three colours red blue and silver.

Ben 🙂


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Vikings poster

Hiya 🙂

So next up is Vikings. Quite a simple execution, but thats why I like it. All about the colours as well, I love the muted range 🙂 While watching the season there was a quote Ragnar said and I just had to put it in a poster. The quote is almost the reason why I did it haha. Then realised the letter ‘V’ would fit into the valley of Kattegat, so it was in my brain and just had to get it down 🙂 The icon took a while to draw up but overall happy with this one 🙂

If you like it just click on the images or go here:×11-poster?ref=shop_home_listings

Ben 🙂





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Black Sails Poster

Hiya 🙂

So next poster up is Black Sails, I produced this poster a while ago but thought it would be relevant since the latest series has just come to a close.

Slightly different approach this time, normally I draw a simplified person to accompany and larger composition, but this time the whole poster is one large image of Flint. I wanted to capture the character for this one because I feel its mainly about him so far (probably turn to Silver soon I think) and his transition into a pirate and as an actor I think he holds it all together well. I wanted the Yellows to be Accents or highlights like light hitting metal and only use it to accentuate it, like the whole poster had to be grey but these parts needed to jump out. A few things I’m happy with in this one, the dots on the hanker chive under flints neck took ages and I like the highlights of it, and I like how Ive only used 3 colours to get the starkness of it all. Oh the boat. .. I like the boat.

There is also a black and white version available as well 🙂

Same price as usual $19.99, want it? just click on the image 🙂

or go here:×11-poster ref=shop_home_listings


Ben 🙂

OH I send out emails as well. They showcase my work the second they are ready to buy, these are normal only for previous purchasers, but if you want to be on the list then please email me and ill add you to it 🙂

Next poster in 2-3 days 🙂






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Better Call Saul Poster

Hiya, so as promised here is the first blog post in a long time. First up is the Better Call Saul poster I have just finished 🙂 Thought this would be a good one to open up with as it’s coming to the end of season 2

I liked doing this and I found that it was cool to try and blend this poster with the one I produced a few years back on Breaking Bad so the two can be a set 🙂 I tried to mix the idea of Saul as we know him in Breaking bad with the Better Call Saul Series set before.

If you did like then click the link below 🙂



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Hi, so im back.

Hi so, I know I haven’t been on here for a couple of years. That is because I have been busy banging posters out. Right, so the good news is I have a lot of new material to share with you and I will be posting it over the next couple of days, weeks and months 🙂 – hopefully a couple a week 🙂

I have new posters in:

Star Wars

Harry Potter

Better Call Saul



Black Sails

Doctor Who



Loads more 🙂

Expect the first post soon 🙂 oh and if your impatient then check out:

Talk soon


Ben 🙂

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