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Firefly – Serenity – Kaywinnet Lee ‘Kaylee’ Frye – Jewel Staite

Hello 🙂

Here’s another poster for you to wrap your eyeballs around 🙂 Today it’s Kaylee from Firefly or Serenity played by Jewel Staite. . . Shiny. The quote was the most obvious choice of the whole group. I’m quite fond of this poster it came together very smoothly, but ill let you be the judge of that 🙂 Comments are always welcome! go for it. . let me know how much you love or hate it haha 🙂

As always these are available on my Etsy here :

Much love as always. . .Ben . . .Shiny 🙂

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Hello, bit of a unique post this one 🙂

I have just received a very nice email from Chris who brought a couple of my posters through my Etsy. He has very very nicely sent me a photo of how they are looking framed and on the wall in his house 🙂 amazing 🙂 He also gave me the way he framed the posters so they fit into America sized photo frames, here is the spec below, and i will also be putting it onto my Etsy posts,

It was just $15 to get a mat cut and the poster mounted in the frame. And then I just used an off the shelf 16×20 frame. That might be helpful if you get any future questions about how to frame an A3.

Posters available here :

Heres the photos 🙂

Thanks Chris 🙂

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11 the KILL – Script and Artwork


Here’s is the scripting and artwork for Chapter 11 – the KILL, its coming to the end now nearly at Chapter 14. 🙂

Feedback and Comments always welcome

Ben 🙂

Chapter 11 – the KILL

Are you listening to me? And I’m going to reveal something to you that possibly the public does not know. And I looked him right in the eye, and I said to him, you don’t need that any more. And he said that examined everyone of the bodies. This was not a mass suicide like the world was brainwashed into thinking. But when that coroner examined the bodies, there was a pin hole in 97% of all the bodies, they were injected with a poison. It was a mass murder, because men and women were following a man, and I’m going to let everyone of you that are here under this tent, you that is listening to this radio broadcast. My god, don’t follow a man

I navigated my way through the heart of square one, the reality of the situation was quite black and white now, I knew what I had to do. I was living in the world of technicalities, I was living in the grey, between one and the other, the loop hole, id fallen off the face of the planet, and I now needed to correct it. I was banished to the world beyond skin and was ready to be her son. His hour glass runs out of sand, He arrives, right on cue. I gave it my best shot and it found its way into his shoulder. I could here him mumbling, talking to himself on the ground, going delirious. we both took solace in this moment, our freedom. His last words thank-you, you have for-filled your obligation to help me. I done the right thing, I killed him. I thought it would all end, but instead, it gave birth to the devils heart. I delivered the bullet from its shell, and in doing so he escaped from his. Both stuck, trying desperately to escape and release their potential, this time the bullet was the key, and he was the lock. His shell collapsed to the ground and dropped something, I bent down to look. It was the note, he must have written it, he WAS the balance. He must actively stabilise the two worlds. He tried to shot me because he knew I would never kill him in cold blood so he needed to give me a motive, a reason. First he educated me on the worlds, then when I knew enough, force me to continue his work. That’s why he said thank-you. He had the note because he was going to give it to the other guy for the same reason, he was jarred out of reality now as well, and I’d just killed him. So my assumption of instability I set out to correct, I ended up creating. That note ticked the box to make it his suicide note. He was Atlas, and I was his new replacement, pulling the trigger was my job interview, and when I did, I became the balancer. The bullet was the key and he was the lock. I interfered, I pulled the trigger, and became the one that combined them, stabilising the two worlds. Without knowing it I was now doing his job, I’m not the lock or the key, instead I’m the one that changes the minor details, I’m now divine intervention.

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Firefly – Serenity – River Tam – Summer Glau

Hello again 🙂

The next poster in the Firefly series is. . .  River Tam – Summer Glau 🙂

After hunting through many many many quotes this one obviously jumped out to sum her character up. Let me know what you think, I’m still unsure about weather this deviation from my previous style is a good thing or a bad thing. Comments are always welcome 🙂

Available in Etsy here :

Ben 🙂

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HEMISPHERE – chapter 11 – the KILL


Here we are, chapter 11 the KILL probably one of the best of the series, the two guys fighting are actually both me 🙂 well let me know what you think comments and questions always welcome 🙂 Artwork to follow shortly 🙂

On another note more posters are to follow soon, i’m very unsure about the new firefly portrait series, let me know what you think and they are available here

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