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Firefly – Serenity – Malcolm Reynolds ‘MAL’ – POSTER

Hello 🙂

Wow, so soon with another poster. . . This man is a machine. Umm i wish i had a bit of time recently and managed to get this one done 🙂 This poster is Malcolm Reynolds ‘MAL’ from Firefly and Serenity 🙂 Love this show SOOO much and still breaks my heart when it was canceled. This poster is going to be 1 of 10 . . yes 10, i’m going to do all the characters 🙂 and if you really like them they are available on

Etsy here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bensmind

The quote is : If anyone gets nosy just… you know shoot ’em politely

Hope you like it, it’s a little different from the other posters I’ve done, but I’ve incorporated more of a ‘cute’ factor into these posters, I feel its suits the show nicely and normally i have a quote but Ive emphasized it more and pulled the character from the background and made it generally more minimalist 🙂

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